Kamis, 04 Mei 2017

Herrera did not want to be left De Gea From Man United Squad to Madrid

Herrera did not want to be left De Gea to Madrid - Ander Herrera was hoping teammate at Manchester United, David De Gea does not move on next season. Because, for Herrera, De Gea is the best goalkeeper in the Premier League and could be a legend.

The future of De Gea along with United when it indeed is still not certain. Goalkeeper Spain rumored to be anchored to Real Madrid next season. He will continue the negotiations fail by 2015.

Desire De Gea to move to Madrid can be much opposition from the ramparts. One that does not want the goalkeeper to return to Spain i.e. Herrera.

"Hopefully not [move], he is the best goalkeeper in the Premier League for me and also a lot of people," open Herrera in an interview with the media origin Spain, Marca.

"De Gea is already playing at United for six years, he's been very close to [former Manchester United goalkeeper] Edwin van der Sar in terms of action which they are presented, and could be a legend. The people here are so dear to him, "sambungnya.

For Herrera, the presence of De Gea below the bar for United is important. Because, the former Atletico Madrid goalkeeper could give a tranquility for the other players. De Gea could help teams get points in a match.

"There are some keeper in this world that can give you points for you and De Gea is one of them," close Herrera.

Selasa, 28 Februari 2017

The contents of the Secret Whisper Mourinho on Gabbiadini in EFL Final Cup

The attacker mainstay Southampton, Manolo Gabbiadini confessed to getting a whisper from Jose Mourinho. A whisper is given by Mourinho after the final match of the EFL Cup some time ago.

Gabbiadini scored twice in the final against Manchester United Cup, EFL, Mourinho's team. However, he failed to give the title to Soton. The reason, ENMU scored more and won with a score of 3-2.

After the match held at Wembley, Mourinho ever approached Gabbiadini and appears to whisper a message. Here's the message coach Portugal to Gabbiadini.

"When someone like Mourinho came up to you and say ' you're doing a superb job, you scored two goals the phenomenal ' of course this will make you feel special," said Gabbiadini.

Players who recently bought last January from Naples indeed perform very alluring on the action. Not much is original Italy attacker could predict the scoresheet in EFL final Cup.

Gabbiadini pun now feel proud of its action. Also with the praise given by Mourinho.

"Jose Mourinho is someone special, and it's not just about his success as a coach only. She really looks charismatic, "close this former Sampdoria striker